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Cryobank is a place for storing biological material. Our medical center offers you a wide range of services for freezing, defrosting and storing your biomaterial.

For more than 50 years, it has been possible to preserve your biological material in order to use it for pregnancy after a while, and for this exist cryobanks.

What is cryobank and cryopreservation?

Cryobank is a special storage facility, where biological material is carefully stored for many years in a frozen state in a special liquid nitrogen environment at a temperature of -196 ° C.

Cryopreservation is an ultrafast freezing of eggs, sperm, embryos and tissues of the genital organs with the preservation of their biological functions after a period of storage and thawing.

The Reproductive Health Center Bina has its own cryobank, which allows you to store your germ cells and embryos for a long time and carefully.

Why is it needed?

The program for freezing germ cells and embryos allows you to:

  • Significantly increase the chances of pregnancy in ART cycles, since delayed embryo transfer and preparation of the woman’s body are possible, for example, in the case of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome, “thin” endometrium, and acute diseases.
  • “Delay motherhood” until the convenient for pregnancy time. Women froze their eggs in the young age. Indeed, with every year of life of an apparently active lady, the supply of eggs is progressively decreasing, leading to the fact that in 42-44 years the chances of natural conception are close to zero.
  • To maintain their reproductive function after some diseases such as cancer requiring chemotherapy, radiation therapy, genital surgery: natural conception becomes impossible.
  • To create a germ cell bank with donor eggs and sperm for usage in ART programs for couples suffering from severe forms of infertility, or for single women.

Who can use the services of the cryobank?

  • Any person who wants to preserve their young eggs and sperm and use them later to give birth;
  • Germ cell donor;
  • A person with cancer BEFORE starting treatment;
  • A woman participating in IVF programs when delayed embryo transfer is necessary, for example, if additional preparation of the woman or preimplantation genetic diagnosis is required.

How does cryopreservation occur?

In the Bina center, germ cells and embryos are frozen only by vitrification.

The essence of the method is that cells or embryos are immersed in a special cryo-solution, which is cooled in a medium with liquid nitrogen at very low temperatures and as a result, the biological material turns into a glass-like structure.

This technique almost completely eliminates the formation of ice crystals that destroy cells and tissues.

Is freezing safe for germ cells and embryos?

The vitrification method is ideal for cryopreservation, since after thawing up to 90% of embryos, eggs and sperm cells continue their normal development.

Does freezing affect my children's health?

According to many years of research, the physical and neuropsychic development of children born on time, but using various methods of ART, does not differ from the health of ordinary children.

In addition, by the transfer of frozen embryos, the incidence of preterm birth and complications associated with them is lower.

What if I want to freeze my eggs for future use?

To carry out cryopreservation of oocytes, a woman should contact the Bina center, where the following manipulations are performed:

  • A medical examination to exclude contraindications to surgery;
  • Stimulation of ovulation using hormonal medicines and under the supervision of ultrasound for the simultaneous maturation of several eggs;
  • Follicular puncture and egg aspiration under intravenous analgesia;
  • Within two hours after the puncture, the eggs are frozen and placed in a cryogenic storage, where they can be up to 10 years.

How can I freeze my sperm?

For men everything is much simpler: after a short medical examination and 3-4 days’ period of abstinence, men can donate sperm for cryopreservation.

It is important to note that in the case of usage of hormonal medicines or antibiotics, sperm freezing should be carried out not earlier than in 15 days after stopping their intake.

When can I use my germ cells or embryos?

Anytime you decide to have a baby. However, according to regulatory documents, the shelf life of germ cells and embryos in the Republic of Belarus cannot exceed 10 years.

Who is responsible for the quality of storage of my biological material?

Our center is fully responsible for the quality of all procedures for cryopreservation, storage and thawing of germ cells and embryos, allowing a person to use them even after a few years.

All actions related to cryopreservation of germ cells and embryos are regulated by the Decree of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus No. 54 of 06/01/2012 “On some issues of using assisted reproductive technologies”.

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