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Surrogacy in Belarus

Surrogacy in Belarus
Surrogacy in Belarus
Surrogacy in Belarus today is a good way to get a child for people from Europe, UK, Asia, USA. We have wide experience in communication with people from UK, Germany, USA, Pakistan, Turkmenistan and many others.

Surrogacy clinic "BINA" is based in Vitebsk and provides high quality services in surrogacy and IVF. We work since 2015 and more than 400 children appeared with our help.


  •  friendly legislation - a surrogate mother does not have any rights on the child. You and your spouse will be written on the baby's birth certificate when the baby is born;
  •  easy to get to the country - for many passports no visa is needed;
  •  quick paperwork - surrogacy & IVF contract.

We offer:

Surrogacy programm


Our medical center bears all expenses for:

  • IVF;
  • selection of surrogate mothers;
  • embryo transfer;
  • support of pregnancy.



We help our guests:

  • to get visa, if needed;
  • to choose a flat or hotel to live in during all procedures;
  • transfer from the airport;
  • to do immigration registration.

About surrogacy in "BINA"

  • we have our own bank of surrogate mothers - you don't need to wait. Our surrogate mothers are ready to get into the program as soon as it is needed as they have already undergone medical check-ups;
  • you will have a personal English-speaking coordinator that will help you with all the staff at the clinic;
  • you will have an English-speaking reproductologist that will make your personal way to the parenthood;
  • our doctors and embryologists are very experienced - they both attend conferences and speak at them;
  • up to date equipment - we update it every three years;
  • we have our own bank of donor oocytes and sperm.

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According to the law of the Republic of Belarus we have some restrictions:


  • the woman (biological mother) should be no more than 49 years old;
  • we provide services (IVF & surrogacy) for a married couple or for a single woman;
  • single men are not allowed;
  • if you are a couple but not married, we can't use your partner's sperm;
  • surrogacy can be used only for medical indications.

What are these medical indications?

  • lack of uterus due to surgical treatment or congenital diseases;
  • unions in the uterine cavity that are not treatable;
  • deformation of the cavity or cervix for various reasons when it is impossible to bear a child;
  • the presence of diseases in which pregnancy and childbirth are contraindicated, for example, severe forms of diabetes;
  • ineffective IVF attempts - when high quality embryos were transferred, especially for more than three attempts.

How do you choose and examine surrogate mothers?

  • our surrogate mothers are from 20 to 35 years old;
  • they are physically and mentally healthy - we carefully check this beforehand;
  • they have their own children;
  • they are married.

All of this is a legal requirement, and we check everything carefully before we start working with the surrogate mother. Do check as we did not understand this fully.






Photo used here above is made by the famous Vitebsk photographer Darya Novikova




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