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Медицинский центр БИНА - In Vitro Technologies (IVF)
IVF at BINA - medical technology and doctor's experience for your pregnancy.
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Surrogacy in Belarus today is a good way to get a child for people from Europe, UK, Asia, USA. We have wide experience in communication with people from UK, Germany, USA, Pakistan, Turkmenistan and many others.
We offer comprehensive IVF programs with donor oocytes. We have our own donor cell bank. We will help you find the right donor!
Consultation is carried out to estimate the situation of each pair individually. Doctor examins the couple to reveal the reason of infertility. That's how doctor makes an accurate diagnosis and determines the correct treatment tactics.
Cryobank is a place for storing biological material. Our medical center offers you a wide range of services for freezing, defrosting and storing your biomaterial.
Testicular Sperm Extraction (TESE) is a surgical procedure for sperm collection directly from testicular tissue. It is used if no spermatozoa have been detected in the ejaculate (seminal fluid).
Diagnosis of patency of the fallopian tubes is one of the stages of the examination before IVF.
This examination allows you to determine the ability of a woman's body to form eggs (including in response to hormonal stimulation).
Медицинский центр БИНА - Urology and Andrology
Andrology at BINA is an integrated approach to solving the problems of each patient. Urologist andrologist, Ph.D. cosults patients with more than 19 years in urology and more than 10 years in andrology.
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The consultation of the urologist andrologist at BINA is a comprehensive approach to the treatment of male factor infertility, as well as other diseases of the genitourinary sphere.
Here you can see the list of procedures that you can go through if necessary.
Медицинский центр БИНА - Phlebology
Varicose veins treatment in BINA is doctors' professionalism mixed with advanced equipment and many years of experience.
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Consultation of a phlebologist (angiosurgeon) in BINA is a comprehensive approach to each patient.
Compression hosiery is a special medical product used to treat varicose veins and prevent complications.
EVLA is an excellent solution for the treatment of varicose veins: excellent medical and cosmetic results, minimum risk of complications, performed under local anesthesia, stay in the clinic for about 3 hours.
Sclerotherapy is a method of switching off and eliminating varicose veins and telangiectasias by introducing special chemicals into their lumen that cause a burn and gluing of the venous wall.
Медицинский центр БИНА - Plastic Surgery
Plastic surgery at BINA is care for you and your appearance. The operations are performed by a doctor of the highest qualification category with more than 15 years of experience in plastic surgery, using the best equipment.
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Consultation of a plastic surgeon at BINA is the first step towards a meeting to rejuvenate and improve the quality of your life.
Blepharoplasty in BINA - fast rejuvenation for many years!
Otoplasty in BINA is an operation to change the shape, position or size of the auricles.