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Varicose veins treatment in BINA is doctors' professionalism mixed with advanced equipment and many years of experience.
Consultation of a phlebologist (angiosurgeon) in BINA is a comprehensive approach to each patient.
Compression hosiery is a special medical product used to treat varicose veins and prevent complications.
EVLA is an excellent solution for the treatment of varicose veins: excellent medical and cosmetic results, minimum risk of complications, performed under local anesthesia, stay in the clinic for about 3 hours.
Sclerotherapy is a method of switching off and eliminating varicose veins and telangiectasias by introducing special chemicals into their lumen that cause a burn and gluing of the venous wall.
Описание направления "Phlebology"

We live in a wonderful world - a world of technology, ideas and achievements. We want to get joy and pleasure every day, we want to be healthy and beautiful! This wonderful world was created by people, having won the extra years of life from nature, the opportunity not to be afraid of cold and hunger. But, unfortunately, you have to pay for everything in life ...


And the payment for upright walking, good food, and comfortable conditions of office work was "varicose veins".


No, this is not an advertising tale about miraculous ointments and balms that will relieve you of varicose veins in a moment. We don't do "magic". We are very clear about the causes and consequences of diseases, and we understand well that "varicose veins" is just a symptom that occurs in various diseases.


So what is “varicose veins treatment” and what do we do at the BINA Family Health Center?

Let's first make it clear that "treatment of varicose veins" is a common term that, to a greater or lesser extent, characterizes the work of a phlebologist. In fact, phlebologists deal with the entire spectrum of diseases associated with pathological and aesthetic problems of the venous system. And not just legs. And not only veins.


The total experience of our specialists is more than 50 years of clinical and outpatient work in the field of phlebology, surgery and vascular surgery, regular participation in conferences on phlebology and vascular surgery, both in our country and abroad.


Why is it important?


Because only a lot of experience allows you not to try to find a familiar disease, but to understand which pathology is hidden behind a long list of similar complaints. In fact, we see patients with varicose veins, thrombosis and thrombophlebitis, lymphostasis, atherosclerosis, neuralgia, vasculitis, arthritis, flat feet, diabetes, renal and heart failure ... and this is not a complete list of diseases.



It's very simple - if a person has a problem, he is not obliged to come up with a diagnosis for himself - he must contact a specialist. Yes, we are not able to cure everything, because neuralgia should be treated by a neurologist, heart failure by a cardiologist, and flat feet by an orthopedist. And if during the examination it becomes clear that the patient's complaints are not at all related to the vessels, we advise you to contact the specialized specialists. If the problem is really caused by vascular pathology, we are ready to provide the entire amount of assistance in the BINA Family Health Center, from initial examination to surgical treatment and postoperative observation and correction using the most modern methods and approaches.


When is it worth going to a phlebologist?

First, when you have any vein problems that you have discovered yourself or your doctor has indicated to you. It can be dilated and twisted veins, soreness along the veins, vascular "stars" and just veins that you do not like visually.


Secondly, you should contact a phlebologist if you know about your vein disease (varicose veins or another), and decided to part with it.


Thirdly, if you experience swelling, cramps and pain in your calves, especially if it occurs regularly after exercise or has arisen suddenly. A sudden swelling of one leg or redness along the previously dilated veins is also a reason to consult a phlebologist. And quickly.


And, finally, if you do not like any protruding vessels on the legs, arms, face, chest - these aesthetic problems are also solved by phlebologists.