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IVF with Donor's Oocyte

IVF with Donor's Oocyte
IVF with Donor's Oocyte
We offer comprehensive IVF programs with donor oocytes. We have our own donor cell bank. We will help you find the right donor!

IVF with donor oocyte in Belarus - the way to become parents

After the age of 40, IVF programs with their own eggs have little effectiveness (about 12-15%), while IVF with donor’s oocytes leads to successful conception in more than 50% of cases.





When are donor eggs recommended?

There are many reasons why donor eggs may be advised. This type of treatment is most commonly used because of:

  • Age-related infertility;*
  • Premature menopause;
  • Premature ovarian failure;
  • Poor egg quality;
  • Infertility caused by medical treatment such as chemotherapy;
  • A high risk of passing on a genetic or hereditary condition​​​​​​;
  • Failure in 2 or more previous IVF attempts with their own eggs;

*In Belarus IVF can be performed for the women inder the age of 49 years (according to the Belarusian legistalion).

Where to get donor oocytes?

We have our own cryobank - there we choose only women with perfect mental and physical health in the age of 20 to 32 years old.


Donation in Belarus is anonymous but in the case of close relationship with the patient (sister, mother), the oocyte donor may not be anonymous. This allows IVF without preliminary egg cryopreservation.


Anyway, you can choose a donor according their photo from the childhood and we provide information on the age, height, color of the donor’s eyes and hair, their race and nationality, education and blood type and Rh factor.


How is an IVF program with donated eggs is held?

  • Full clinical and laboratory examination of intended parents;
  • Selection of a donor egg from a cryobank;
  • In vitro fertilization of the donor’s egg by the husband’s sperm, embryo cultivation.
  • Transfer of embryo(s) into the uterine cavity of a woman in the natural cycle or in a cycle with hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and the prescription of hormonal support.
  • Confirmation of pregnancy after 14 days.

Some differences may occur during the IVF cycle using “fresh” donor oocytes, when the synchronization of menstrual cycles is necessary. However, due to the high efficiency of cryopreservation, such IVF programs are carried out less and less.

Due to its high successful rate, IVF with donor oocytes is used more often in the infertility treatment, especially for women of late reproductive age.


We have 4 basic IVF + donor's oocyte packages. You can see the price in BYN on the bottom of the page.



What is included in this package?

  • Appointment of the endometrial growth stimulation protocol with ultrasound monitoring;
  • Vitrified donor oocytes in the amount of 3 to 12 pcs. (depending on the chosen package);
  • ICSI;
  • Complete cultivation of eggs, spermatozoa, embryos, assessment of their development;
  • Embryo transfer into the uterine cavity;
  • All consumables for the above procedures;
  • Support of a reproductive specialist and medical curator 24/7.

Into the package isn't included:

  • Ejaculate processing for IVF;
  • Medications to prepare the uterine cavity for transfer and support the post-transfer period;
  • Providing donor sperm (if needed);
  • Cryopreservation of embryos (if needed);
  • Storage of embryos (if needed).

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