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Consultation of a phlebologist

Consultation of a phlebologist
Consultation of a phlebologist
Consultation of a phlebologist (angiosurgeon) in BINA is a comprehensive approach to each patient.

Что происходит на приёме у флеболога?

  1. As with any doctor's appointment, a phlebologist's appointment will begin with a questioning - the doctor will ask you to tell about the reasons that brought you to the appointment, learn in detail the complaints, the order of their appearance, the nature and time of occurrence, the connection with provoking factors or events. And this is really important! Not infrequently, seeing in themselves dilated veins, people try to explain with them all the problems with the legs, although in fact varicose veins are asymptomatic in them, and the discomfort is caused by arthrosis or lumbodynia.
  2. The next mandatory item at the appointment will be an examination of the affected limb / limbs or body part. If we are talking about varicose veins of the lower extremities, you will have to examine your legs completely, from the groin folds to the feet, and sometimes even from the abdomen. In most cases, the examination is done while standing, although it may be necessary to examine and palpate the veins and tissues in a horizontal position. The examination can take place with additional transillumination, i.e. special illumination to identify supply veins and assess the structure of vascular clusters.
  3. If a detailed assessment is required, the doctor may suggest performing an ultrasound examination to assess the patency of blood vessels, the nature of blood flows, etc. In the case of planned invasive procedures - sclerotherapy, any surgical interventions on the vessels - ultrasound will be a MANDATORY component.
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