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The name of our center “BINÁ” (with the stress on the last syllable) can be considered in two ways:
  • as the root of the word "binarity" meaning duality or opposition. After all, everything new arises from the interaction of two opposing and mutually exclusive concepts. New life emerges from the interaction of two opposing principles, masculine and feminine.
  • If we consider the name as an abbreviation, then "BINÁ" stands for "Struggle and Hope" - those fundamental, evolutionary-driving principles. The origins of the word "BINÁ" trace back to ancient times and signify a constructive creative beginning.
    "BINÁ" is for the birth of the future!
  • The origins of the word "BINÁ" trace back to ancient times and signify a constructive creative beginning.

    "BINÁ" is a multidisciplinary well-equipped medical center, operating since 2015.

    Our main task is to treat all forms of male and female infertility. Every year, we improve the quality and level of the services we provide. Our specialists undergo annual training, internships, and qualification enhancement courses in Europe, Russia, Ukraine, Georgia and Belarus.
    Pregnancy rate after IVF in our medical center in 2023 was 57%.


Подробнее о нас Подарочные сертификаты
IVF at BINA - medical technology and doctor's experience for your pregnancy.
Andrology at BINA is an integrated approach to solving the problems of each patient. Urologist andrologist, Ph.D. cosults patients with more than 19 years in urology and more than 10 years in andrology.
Varicose veins treatment in BINA is doctors' professionalism mixed with advanced equipment and many years of experience.
Plastic surgery at BINA is care for you and your appearance. The operations are performed by a doctor of the highest qualification category with more than 15 years of experience in plastic surgery, using the best equipment.

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First appointment

The first appointment is the first step to the childbirth. 

We can provide you an online consultation via Whatsapp, Telegram or Skype before you come to Belarus.

After online-consultation your personal coordinator and doctor will support you on all steps. If you need help to book apartments, we will help.

For the first consultation we will ask you to prepare all medical documents of your previous treatments. We ask to pay special attention to such documents as: medical record summary, results of laboratory analyses and ultrasonography, information about undergone operations and procedures (including intrauterine insemination, IVF programs). This information should be sent to us before consultation on our email

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A woman should undergo a full gynecological examination and make an ultrasound. The check-up will show the doctor the general condition of the patient's reproductive system, the presence or absence of organic pathologies, structural features of the genital organs and the size of the small pelvis. Additional tests for infertility for women include:

  • assessment of hormonal balance;
  • blood test and some other examinations.

Spermogram is one of the main medical testing. It allows to determine the amount of ejaculate and sperm, their motility and morphological features.

Additional infertility tests in our center:

  • bacterial cultures;
  • analysis of the secretion of the prostate and seminal vesicles;
  • various blood tests.

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Our doctors pay much attention when prescribing drugs for infertility treatment because usually hormones appear to be the leading cause of inability to fertilize an egg or to bear a child.

Some drugs for male infertility have an immunocorrective function. There are such malfunctions in the body when antibodies to sperm begin to be produced in the testes; as a result, spermatogenesis is significantly impaired. This can occur due to inflammatory or infectious processes in the genitourinary system, as a result of surgical operations or injuries.

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IVF Methods

In vitro fertilization (from Lat. Extra - outside and Lat. Corpus - the body, that means fertilization outside the body, abbr. IVF) - assisted reproductive technology used in case of infertility. During IVF, the egg is removed from a woman’s body and artificially fertilized in vitro (in a tube); then appears an embryo that is kept in an incubator, where it develops from 2 to 5 days; after this period the embryo is transferred to the uterine cavity for further development.

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Pregnancy observation

A woman can be observed in the antenatal clinic at the place of residence, however, there is an alternative – to entrust your health to the specialists of the “Family Health Center “BINA”. Information about our doctors, as well as the cost of conducting pregnancy and other facts you are interested in, you can get by calling the center or you can e-mail us:

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12 August 2019
Центр «Бина» помогает стать счастливыми родителями семейным парам Витебска

Директор Занько Ю.В. коротко рассказывает о развитии нашего центра: о новых направлениях деятельности и новинках в сфере...

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