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IVF - Doctor's Consultation

IVF - Doctor's Consultation
IVF - Doctor's Consultation
Consultation is carried out to estimate the situation of each pair individually. Doctor examins the couple to reveal the reason of infertility. That's how doctor makes an accurate diagnosis and determines the correct treatment tactics.

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If you are here you are about coming to Belarus for an IVF programme. Medical Health Center "BINA" is your the best choice!


The quickest way to get answers to all your questions -- online doctor's consultation 





The purpose of the consultation

  1. We will choose the most convenient and effective plan for the use of assisted reproductive technologies (IVF, ICSI, TESE, husband / donor sperm insemination, IVF with donor eggs, surrogacy);
  2. The doctor will analyse the available documentation (in order to avoid duplication of examination and repetition of unnecessary analyzes);


Time is the most valuable thing you have to overcome infertility. The longer infertility is, the older the woman is, the more difficult to achieve the birth of the desired baby.


You should remember that if pregnancy does not occur during one year of regular sexual activity without contraception, you should immediately get the doctor's consultation in our center.

Don't waste your time - come to the professional consultation! Each year of expectation distances you from becoming a parent.



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