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Surrogate motherhood is a type of assisted reproductive technologies when a healthy woman carries and gives birth to a child for a couple who, due to various medical indicators, cannot bear a child on her own.


Описание направления "Surrogacy"

Sometimes it happens that a woman cannot bear and give birth to a child on her own. Luckily, even in this situation, we can help her feel the happiness of being a mother.


Surrogate motherhood in Belarus is an absolutely legal service.

What is surrogacy?

Surrogacy means a method of treating infertility, when the bearing and birth of a child is carried out by a woman who is not his genetic mother.


Only a woman or a married couple can use the service of a surrogate mother and only in case if a woman can’t bear a child on her own for medical reasons. A single man can’t use this service according to the law of the Republic of Belarus.


Conception is carried out using IVF and the use of:

  • wife’s eggs and husband’s sperm;
  • wife’s eggs and donor’s sperm;
  • donor’s eggs and husband’s sperm;
  • a single woman’s eggs and donor’s sperm.



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10 September 2019

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