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Donor's sperm

In case of male infertility or absence of a partner, donor's sperm can be used in intrauterine insemination or IVF programs.
Описание направления "Donor's sperm"

30% of all infertility cases are on the man’s side. Unfortunately, husband’s treatment does not always lead to the desired pregnancy. Sometimes a woman doesn’t have a partner.


And then assisted reproductive technologies come to the rescue, allowing the use of donor sperm in artificial insemination or IVF programs. The Reproductive Health Center “Bina” invites sperm donors for collaboration. It means that we regularly replenish your own cryobank.


Who can become a sperm donor?

A sperm donor can be a healthy man from 18 to 40 years, who has undergone a clinical and laboratory examination, has no medical contraindications to donation, and has not been convicted of serious or especially serious crimes.

How is a donor encouraged?

For each sperm portion we pay cash compensation to the donor in the amount agreed upon after consultation with the doctor.

What examinations does a man need to undergo in order to become a donor?

A medical examination of a sperm donor includes:

  • Determination of blood type and rhesus factor;
  • Blood test for HIV, syphilis, viral hepatitis B and C;
  • STD screening (gonorrhea, chlamydia, genital herpes, ureamycoplasmosis, cytomegalovirus infection);
  • Inspection and conclusion of a general practitioner, urologist, psychiatrist-narcologist.
  • In addition, the potential donor must bring a certificate from the Ministry of Home Affairs about the absence of a criminal record.

Who should not be a sperm donor?

Medical contraindications for sperm donation:

  • The presence of visual signs of genetic diseases;
  • The presence of mental and somatic diseases;
  • Deviations in the spermogram: ejaculate volume less than 1 ml, less than 80 million sperm per 1 ml of sperm, a decrease in the proportion of progressively motile and morphologically normal spermatozoa less than 60%, low sperm survival after thawing.
  • Thus, only healthy men with good sperm quality become donors.

How is sperm collected?

  • A sperm donor should not smoke, drink alcohol or drugs.
  • In the case of taking antibiotics and after an infectious disease, at least 15 days should pass.
  • After 3-4 days of abstinence, a male donor donates sperm by masturbation to a sterile disposable container in our center.
  • Then the sperm is prepared for cryopreservation: embryologists separate the most active and motile spermatozoa, after that they froze it. After six months of the quarantine period, the donor sperm is suitable for use.

Who can use donor sperm?

  • Single women wishing to become a mother;
  • Married couples with severe forms of male infertility or if a man has a disease with a poor prognosis for the child (hereditary diseases, HIV infection).
  • A married woman may use donor sperm only for medical reasons and only with the written consent of her spouse.

How to choose a sperm donor?

  • Our medical center offers cryopreserved semen from anonymous donors.
  • Future parents are provided with information about the age, height, color of the donor’s eyes and hair, his racial and national origin, as well as education.
  • The patient has the right to use the sperm of a non-anonymous donor if he is a close husband’s relative.
  • It is important to understand that sperm donors do not have any rights to a child born using their germ cells.

Come to our medical center to see the full list of sperm donors! We will help to choose!