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Stage №2 - Germ Cells Puncture

Stage №2 - Germ Cells Puncture
The second stage of IVF is the collection of germ cells. Transvaginal puncture of the folliclesis is held for the woman, the man gives sperm.

How to get eggs?

After 34-38 hours after the introduction of the hormonal medicine for the final maturation of the eggs, the woman comes to the clinic with an empty stomach for the eggs aspiration.


  • As this procedure is quite painful, it is performed under intravenous analgesia.
  • Under careful ultrasonic control, a doctor punctures the vaginal wall with a thin long needle and, with the help of a syringe attached to the needle, sucks out all the fluid along with the eggs from the follicles, and then passes it to the embryologist, who confirms the presence of eggs under a microscope, counts their number and places them in a special environment for further fertilization.
  • Depending on the number of follicles that need to be punctured, the procedure can take from 10 to 20 minutes.
  • After waking up, the woman stays in our center for one or two hours for observation by a doctor.

What do you need to remember after follicle puncture?

  • Several days there may be minor spotting from the genital tract and pulling pains in the lower abdomen, usually not requiring treatment.
  • Within 2 weeks, you should observe physical and sexual rest, drink plenty of fluids and to eat a sufficient amount of protein products (meat, fish, cottage cheese, etc.).
  • If you experience weakness, shortness of breath, an increase in the abdomen, fever, or a decrease in the frequency of urination, it is NECESSARY to consult your doctor to rule out ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome and other complications.

How to get sperm?

On the day of the follicle puncture, the husband and his wife come to our center for sperm delivery. A man gives the seminal fluid by masturbation to sterile dishes, after which the sperm is prepared and used for fertilization within an hour, therefore it is undesirable to bring it from home.

It is important to refrain from sexual intercourse and masturbation for 2-5, because this will allow to achieve the maximum concentration of active and motile sperm in the seminal fluid.

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