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Stage №1 - Hormonal Stimulation of Ovulation

Stage №1 -  Hormonal Stimulation of Ovulation
On this stage doctors obtain germ cells of the parents.

It is very easy to get a sperm sampling because it does not require a special medical intervention, but to get an egg a woman often needs hormonal medication.


Typically, an IVF protocol begins with controlled hormonal stimulation of superovulation. This allows to get from 2 to 10 mature woman’s eggs. It increases the number of embryos, allows you to participate in cryoprotocol and increase the pregnancy chances.


Does everyone stimulate ovulation?

In rare cases, it is possible to carry out IVF in the natural cycle, when the stimulation of ovulation with hormonal drugs is not carried out, they simply determine the time of its collection under the supervision of an ultrasound monitor the maturation of your egg.


How is superovulation stimulated?

  • Taking into account the individual characteristics of a woman, her age, weight, ovarian reserve, the presence or absence of various diseases, a reproductive doctor selects hormonal drugs and medication schedule.
  • The whole process of hormonal stimulation is carried out under strict ultrasound control and usually a woman visits a doctor 3-4 times. This allows to evaluate the growth of follicles, adjust the protocol scheme in time, and determine the time of administration of the drug for the final maturation of the eggs.
  • As soon as several follicles reach a size of 18-20 mm, a woman is injected with a trigger (hCG drug) and after 36 hours, follicles are punctured and eggs are aspirated.
  • The duration of this stage ranges from 8 to 16 days.
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