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Gynecology in Medical Center "BINA" offers advanced technologies in the treatment of a wide range of gynecological diseases.


Для каждой женщины очень важно следить за своим здоровьем. Своевременная консультация гинеколога - это забота о своем здоровье.
Pathology of the cervix uteri treatment in "BINA" is a concern for your health, quality of life and safety.
Aesthetic gynecology in "BINA" - health and beauty of the female genital organs.
Insertion and removal of the intrauterine device, including the IUD Mirena
Pelvic floor muscle training in BINA - the doctor’s selection of the exercises you need, monitoring progress, and correction if necessary.
Safe and effective method of abortion for a period of not more than 7 weeks. It requires preliminary preparation (ultrasound, analyzes) and a consultation with a psychologist.
The introduction of therapeutic tampons, irrigation of the vagina, treatment with solutions of Solkovagin and Solkoderm.
Conducting pregnancy in "BINA" is the observation of your pregnancy by an experienced obstetrician-gynecologist.

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