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What do you need to become a donor of oocytes?

  • Your age is from 18 to 35;
  • You should have good physical and mental health;
  • You shouldn’t have been called to account for penal responsibility;
  • You should write down a written statement.

Answer “yes” or “no” to understand if you can become a donor or not:

1.      Are you registered on the books in psychoneurologic dispensary?

2.      Do have any genetic pathology?

3.      Do you have any chronic diseases?

4.      Do you have any of the following gynecological pathologies:

  • uterine myoma
  • adenomyosis·     
  • polycystic ovary syndrome
  • amenorrhea
  • infertility;
5.      Is your age less than 18 or more than 35 years old?

6.      Have you ever been called to account for penal responsibility?

If you answered “no” on each question, you may sign up for extra check up on the first appointment to our director Zanko Yurij. You don’t have to let registration office know the purpose of your visit.